What is Leeds By Example? 

#LeedsByExample launched in 2018 to inspire people to recycle more food and drink packaging consumed on-the-go in Leeds. The campaign is now expanding to explore what we are prepared to do as individuals and as a city, to change what we do with our stuff.  

Research shows what the people of Leeds currently do in their lives, such as what they recycle, reuse, buy new or second hand. There are things that we can all do at home to limit the amount we throw away. Do you think your household could throw away less stuff? Could you be doing more to recycle? Would you be willing to try buying less packaging? Or share more of your belongings with friends and family? We want to know what you already do and what changes you're willing to make. Have your say. 

This information will be used to help inform future plans for the city’s waste and resources and could have a big impact on our attitudes to waste, and how the items we throw away are managed.  

Together we can all #LeedsByExample and inspire others to reduce the amount of stuff we throw away.